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About the founder, Allison

How did she get here?

As a survivor herself, Allison is passionate about helping other survivors find their voice. She married her first boyfriend, whom she met at 15, in 1997. They have 2 grown children, a daughter & a son, and a 4-legged nightmare/dog named Devon. 

Previously, she has shared her story to the incoming freshman class at East Stroudsburg University in the mid-1990's. That opportunity paved the way to share at ladies retreats as well as one-on-one. 

"I give God all of the glory. It has only been with His help and guidance that I have survived and am where I am today. Looking at my story, I can see each instance where God took what was meant for evil & harm and has turned it into good. That absent father I grew up with - our relationship was fully restored in 2001 and God used the events of 9/11/2001 to usher in that restoration. I once thought that I was not worthy of life, yet I know that I AM worthy because God calls me worthy. I will always struggle with disordered eating, depression, and the aftermath of the abuse that I endured, yet I now look in the mirror and can see a beautiful woman, inside and out, created by God for a specific purpose."

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