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The mission & story

How we began.

The purpose of Speaking Into Darkness is to go into communities, whether in person or online, to share personal experiences and current statistics in order to cultivate a safe space for healing and to invest in others. 


The Lord has blessed me with a whisper. An opportunity to use my part of His story to help bring healing to others.

For many years, my painful past defined who I was. 
I was a victim.
A victim of emotional abuse, sexual violence, relationship abuse, self-hate, and destruction; battling mental illness.

Through my faith, strength, love from my family & friends, and a lot of counseling, I have been able to step away from the hurt and mistakes of my past, move forward, knowing that I am worthy of living.

Harnessing the pain of my past and sharing my experiences has aided me in healing, forgiving my abusers, and most importantly, forgiving myself.

This is not about me. Not about pity or sympathy. 
This is about how a survivor, on the other side, can lend her voice to those who are voiceless. To be able to start the conversation that society does not want to have. 
How even the smallest amount of light can pierce the darkness and shine through.

The Mission: About
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